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How can I cancel an order?

You may request a cancellation of your order, provided your order has not already been Approved and in the Processing status.

To check your order status:
Click on your user name on the top right and click on “Your Orders” in the dropdown menu.

Send a cancellation request via our Contact Form.

Note that all cancellations are processed at the discretion of Zotim staff – this is not an automated process. Depending on the items ordered, cancellation is not a straightforward process and may result in a restocking fee if the order process has already commenced, as per our terms and conditions. Cancellation after dispatch of your order is not possible.

Please also be aware that any transaction fees that have been applied to your order at time of placement will not be refunded as this cost has been incurred by Zotim at time of charge

Updated on 21 May 2020

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