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What are my payment method/choices?

• Bank Transfer – No Fees 

• Credit Cards – VISA, MasterCard 1.75% Handling Fee 

• PayPal – 2.75% Handling Fee 

Bank Transfer 

In order to pay for your order by bank transfer, you must first complete the
checkout process as normal. Upon completion, you will be issued with an invoice
for your order which will be processed once your payment clears. From here you
may log onto your internet banking and make a payment for the order amount to
the bank account listed below. Alternatively, you may visit your local branch,
fill out a Deposit Slip with the correct details using the information below, and process this transfer with the bank teller in person. 

Bank: Westpac Banking

BSB: 034108
Account Number: 606317

Please add your invoice number and name in the
description area when placing your deposit. If you do not have the relevant
details on hand, or are unable to add the description, please email or fax
through a copy of your deposit receipt as soon as possible. Please note that
your order will not be processed until the funds have successfully deposited
into our bank account and the payment has been confirmed as received by our
accounts department. This process takes 1 – 5 business days. 

Credit Card

Zotim accepts all major credit cards – Visa,
Master Card and Debit Cards. Please note, credit card handling fees do apply as
follows: VISA/MasterCard at 1.75%. These fees are comprised of Merchant Service
fees, Terminals fees, fraud prevention costs that cannot absorb due to the
extremely lower than retail prices we offer. 

Please note: Due to the rise of credit card fraud
and for your security, all credit card orders will be subject to advanced
security checks. If your order does not meet our security check requirements,
you will be contacted and further credit card security procedures will be


PayPal accepts all major credit cards, debit
cards, and bank transfers. Please note, handling fee is 2.75% applies when using
this payment method. All you need to do is “Register” a free account
and purchase using your email address! For more information about PayPal please
visit www.paypal.com

Updated on 3 November 2020

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